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Playing It Safe with Casino Slots Online

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Contrary to what many critics say, playing slots isn't the worst gambling decision you could ever make. It is true that the payback percentage for slots is lower than the awesome 99.5% of blackjack and 100.7% of Deuces Wild. But those figures assume you play perfect strategy for those games. How many people would invest the time and energy to learn perfect strategy just to earn a fraction of percent advantage?

Playing Safe Slots

If you are a gambler who just wants to have fun with online gambling, slots are actually a good choice. They require no special skills or knowledge to play. And slots of all denominations around - even penny slots - they are certainly affordable. You just have to play it smart and we show you how.

As a rule, you should bet the maximum number of coins on a slot machine if it gives a bonus prize to you for betting max should you win the jackpot. Most of the payback in slots comes from these jackpots with bonuses. However if you are on a tight budget or the slot doesn't give special compensation for max bets, you can try slot strategies like those given in these pages.

Playing online slots can be safe, convenient and easy if you know what to do. And you don't have to know a lot. Check out our articles for guidelines to find out more. We will show you keys to playing it safe with casino slots online.

The articles on this page are divided into three parts. Basic information introduces you to casino slots online, how online casinos work and how to find a good slot site. The second part is a collection of various tips, reminders and warnings. The third and last part gives detailed strategies for two kinds of slots: the 3-coin slots and the 5-coin slots.

Playing Slots Index of Articles:

BASICS: Why Play Online Slots Instead of Land-Based Slots? Online Casinos Special Offers and Features How to Find Safe Slot Sites Online

GENERAL TIPS: Essential Slot Skills and Knowledge Common Sense Tips for Playing Slots Sure Ways to Save Money Playing Slots

SPECIFIC STRATEGIES: Slot Tests and Setting Loss Limits Max Bets, Betting System and a 3 Coin Slot Strategy More 3 Coin Slot Strategies With 5 Coin Slots with Slot Strategy More of the Best 5 Coin Slot Strategies

You are currently viewing a Guide to Playing it Safe with Casino Slots Online. Please visit the casino slots listed on this page for the best, most trusted slot sites. We have personally tested and verified these sites for your enjoyment.

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