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Win 5 Coin Slots with Slot Strategy

If you are used to playing 3 coin slots, you will enjoy a refreshing change once you try out a 5 coin slot. One advantage of 5 coin slots is that they are more adjustable. You can bet much fewer coins at some times and bet much more at other times. On this page we will show you some slot strategies dedicated to 5 coin slot play.

Win More, Bet More

In the most basic slot strategy, you wager more coins after seeing several wins; you bet fewer coins when you lose many times in a row. It's up to you how many wins or losses in a row to use as a signal to adjust your bets, but you must decide beforehand. Once you play, you must stick to the slot strategy at all costs.

You can set up a betting adjustment system like this. You set your points of adjustment at 5 spins for losses and 20 credits for wins. You start with a 2 coin spin. Once you are up by 20 coins, you will start betting 3 coins per spin. If you win 20 more coins, you can bet 5 coins. If you lose 5 spins in a row, you will lower your bets by 1 coin. If you hit a point where you have less coins than you started with, you will also move down to 1 coin bets.

This is a type of safety net for you when playing. It forces you to keep an eye on wins and losses. You can change your strategy before your losses go too far. Furthermore, by watching your strategy, you slow down your play and wind up betting fewer coins in the slot than if you played without strategy.


If you bet 2 coins and keep winning, you move up to 3 coins. If you bet 3 coins and win, move up to 4 or 5 coins. If you lose, reduce your bets by 1 coin. Do not stay in 5 coin play for too long if your bankroll is limited. If it's limited, then win or lose do not stay at 5 coins beyond 3 spins in a row. Make 2 coins your default betting amount.

Pattern and Profit Betting

Players who have a hard time deciding when to bet the maximum 5 coins have two options: They can raise to 5 coins after obtaining a target win, or by simply following a betting pattern.

If you want to raise to 5 coins based on wins, this is what you do: Seat a target win before you play, say 50 credits. You will then play 1 coin, 2 coin or 3 coin bets until you hit the 50 credit profit margin. Once this is reached, you will then play 5 coin bets. How many 5 coin bets you make depends on you. We think four 5 coin bets would be enough. If you do not win in that period, you must go back down to 2 or 3 coin bets.

If you want to raise to 5 coins based on a pattern, then simply invent a pattern like 1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1. Win or lose, you will follow this slot pattern all the time.

The downside here is if you lose before it's time for the 5 coin bets, you might end up gambling a huge chunk of your bankroll. Nevertheless this is still a good slot strategy that's better than max betting all the time. We recommend max betting 5 coins every time only if you have the money for it.

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