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Best 5 Coin Slot Strategies

Playing 5 coin slot machines can be costly if you don't watch yourself. Use slot strategies like the examples given on this page when you play 5 coin slots. You won't regret it. We have also selected the best 5 coin machines on the web. Be sure to check them out when you want to test these strategies.

Up and Down 5 Coin Slot Strategy

The maximum 5 coin bet should be used sparingly by low-budget slot players. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose track of bets once you start playing. It is advisable to use a fixed betting pattern to avoid over-betting with 5 coins. This slot strategy is an example.

With the up and down slot strategy, you start at a bet of 3 coins. If you win, you bet 4 coins on the next spin. If you lose, you bet 2 coins instead. Every win means you step up your next wager by 1 coin. Ever loss means you step down by 1 coin. So two losses after a 3 coin bet means you are down to a 1 coin bet, while two straight wins means you will be betting at the 5 coin level.

If you are down to a 1 coin bet and you lose, you will stay at 1 coin. You will keep betting 1 coin on each spin until you win. Then you ascend to 2 bets.

If your wins take you to the 5 coin limit, you will bet the 5 coins only three times maximum, after which you must restart your system. That is, if you win three consecutive spins on 5 coin bets, you will still go back to 3 coins.

You can make this strategy more flexible. Instead of moving up or down immediately, you can wait for a trend to appear. That is, if you bet 4 coins and lose, you do not go down at once to 3 coins but bet again and if you lose a second time (or whatever limit you set), go down to 3 coins.

Net Profit 5 Coin Slot Strategy

This strategy is for slot players who want to keep their winnings as much as possible. In this slot strategy, you will set a betting cap during the first phase and then make bigger wagers during the second phase based on how much you won in the first phase.

In the first phase of this slot strategy, you have to decide on a betting system to use. You can use a positive progression system, in which you bet more when you win and less when you lose. That is our favorite betting system. But you can also use a set betting pattern like 1-1-2-2-3-3-5-5-4-4-2-2 so long as it is stable enough. Whatever it is, you have to keep playing until you win enough coins for 5 coin bets in the second phase.

In the second phase, you will take what you won and divide them into as many 5 coin bets as they will make. So if you had won 80 coins, you now have enough coins for 16 bets. You can bet as little or as many of these units you wish. We recommend playing with half and saving the other half.

The purpose of the second phase is to take advantage of the 5 coin max bet without risking your own bankroll. Betting 5 coins will give you bigger payouts if you win. But the risks are also big. This slot strategy lets you play for 5 coins at no risk to your original bankroll.