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Max Bets, Betting System and a 3 Coin Slot Strategy

Every smart slot player should know the basics of slot strategy before playing. If you have ever walked away a victim of the one-armed bandit, you've learned your lesson. But if you're new, keep yourself informed before you run into the same bad luck. We discuss max bets, betting systems and betting limits in slots.

Max Bets

You may often read about "bet max" in slot strategy articles. Many people consider this the best strategy and with good reason. Betting the maximum number of coins often makes you eligible for the full jackpot prize should you hit it. This is true for many, though not all, slots. On the other hand, betting minimum only gives you the regular prize of the jackpot. It's true that with one-coin bets you risk less of your bankroll. But that would also make winning the jackpot useless. Slot machines have poor expected returns and it is only when you hit the full jackpot prize that the payback really pays. You need the bonus amount given to max bets to compensate for your losses.

Betting Systems

However not all slots have special payoffs for max bets. These fixed-rate slots have the same payout ratio no matter how many coins you wager. With these slots, it makes sense to use betting strategies. A betting strategy has the player adjust his or her wagers per spin during the course of a slot session.

Below is a 3-coin slot strategy that can work well with 5-coin slots as well.

Bettin Limit System

This is a betting limit slot strategy you can try on your next session. Here you first pick a starting bet amount, say 2 coins. Then you decide on the stop-loss limit for betting on this number. If you pick 5 as a stop-loss limit, you will stop betting 2 coins if you lose 5 consecutive spins betting 2 coins. You will then go down to 1 coin bets. If you win your 1 coin bets and the slot seems hot, you can move up to 2 coins again, and then 3 coins if you're on a roll.

This slot strategy is excellent for avoiding max bets on a cold machine; it is also useful for capitalizing on winning streaks.

An example of this system is as follows:

1. You have 100 coins. 2. You set your stop-loss limit at 5. You also set a win limit at 2 sets of 2 wins in a row (that is, you must win 2 in a row in a short period). 3. You bet 2 coins to start. 4. You win two spins, then loose three, win one, lose one, win two, lose five. 5. You now make 1-coin bets. Then you win back-to-back spins often. 6. You make 2-coin bets. You keep winning. 7. You make 3-coin bets. Before you hit five straight losses in a row, you get a big payoff. 8. You quit the slot and buy yourself something nice!

This betting limit system is a boon for people who often find themselves max betting on a cold machine. Setting a betting limit prevents you making such a losing investment.