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Common Sense Tips for Playing Slots

Slots have a bad reputation among serious gamblers. Supposed to be, it's for intellectual midgets who just don't know any better. Well, slot players may not be math geniuses, but they aren't all stupid. Slots is about having fun and if you can enjoy yourself in a casino without ruining your credit, that's smart indeed.

Common Sense Tips for Playing Slots

- Play progressive slots only if you have a big bankroll or the jackpot is very big compared to how much you spend on the machine. Some jackpots get really big by the time you play them, so you're assured a profit if you do hit it. But progressive slots are volatile compared with regular slots. You will see less action (i.e. you will get few winning spins) because the slot has to compensate for the big jackpot by paying out less often.

- Avoid playing in brick and mortar casinos. It is a bad move to play in those casinos when you can play online. In a brick and mortar casino, you have to search for the loosest slots, and that is getting harder and harder to do now that casinos are more sophisticated. But in casino web sites, the loose slots can be found everywhere. Slots, and in fact all games, are looser online than in land-based casinos. In short: to find the loosest slots, just play online.

- Study multi payline slots carefully before you play. A multi payline slot may give you more chances of winning, but it may also require you to bet more coins. Multi payline penny slots are a good example. You may think you are saving money playing a penny slot, but often you have to play so many coins that it's just like betting in a higher denomination slot.

- Bet max coins as much as possible. Otherwise, bet more when you win and less when you lose. If you bet more after a win and less after you lose, you will be wagering more of your wins and less of your bankroll.

- Know that unless you are extremely lucky, the casino will always win in the long run. This is why serious gamblers avoid slots. It can't be won consistently. You may win today and tomorrow, but if you play everyday for a year then gradually and inevitably, the house will catch up with you and take your winnings. The only exception is if you win a large progressive jackpot.

- Don't put too much faith in slot systems. Slot systems are okay to use if they give you stop-points so you can control your gambling. But they can in no way predict wins or losses.

- Practice a slot game in free mode whenever possible. When you play in an internet-based casino, you can often play in practice mode. That lets you get accustomed to the nuisances of a slot game (or any other game) without actually gambling your money. Don't laugh at free games. They are fun and helpful.

- Find the best welcome bonuses online. Welcome bonuses in casino web sites are comparable to slot club comps. But you get bonuses before playing while comps come as a result of playing. Bonuses let you play more slots for less. Because casinos always have the edge in slots, they are generous with slot bonuses. Take advantage so you can have the most fun for your buck.