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Safe Slots Strategy: 3 Coin Strategies

The standard slot machine allows for bets up to 3 coins each. Note we mean 3 coins here, not 3 reels. Reels are the spinning wheels with symbols on them. A 3 coin slot machine can have any number of reels on it. But the basic slot is both a 3-coin and 3-reel machine. This page looks at 3 coin slot betting strategies. It's better to bet the maximum 3 coins all the time. If you don't, you won't get the bonus amount attached to the jackpot if you hit it. And most of slots' payoff comes from the jackpot. But if you're not optimistic about ever hitting the jackpot, try our slot strategies below.

Positive Progression Betting

This is probably the best betting system of all, and also quite easy to follow. On a 3-coin slot, you will bet 2 coins on your first spin. If you win, you will bet 3 coins. If you lose, you bet 1 coin. If you lose after a 3-coin bet, you bet 1 coin. If you win after a 1-coin bet, you will bet 2 or 3 coins (up to you if you want to use this stepped progression or not). If you are on a roll, bet the maximum 3 coins. On a losing streak, bet 1 coin. In short: you wager more coins when you win, and wager minimum coins when you lose.

Pattern Sequence Betting

You can use a series of numbers for a betting system. It won't help you get better odds of winning, but it can guard against heavy losses. Any sequence of your own making would do for this slot strategy. For instance, you can use 2-2-2-1-1-1-3-3-3-2-2-2. This example series requires 24 coins. This is good for controlling cash outflow as we explain now.

You shall split your slot session into as many 24-coin sets as you wish. You will play those sets on one slot machine. Set a loss limit for the number of sets you are willing to lose, for example 3 out of 5 sets. If you keep winning, you will play all sets. But if you reach your loss limit before playing all sets, you will stop playing.

At the end of a series, if you get back your 24 coins plus winnings, you must set aside both. Play through another 24-coin series until you have either played all sets or reached your loss limit.

Profit Betting

We are of the opinion that you should quit slots once you win. But if you want to keep playing, here is a safe slot strategy for you:

Let us say you use a betting series like the Pattern Betting above with 50 coins. At the end of the series you have 50 coins plus 40 coins profit. Save 70 coins (your original 50 plus half of the profits) and don't play them again. Play with the remaining 20 coins using the same series as before. If, at the end of the series, you lose the 20 coins, you will stop playing. If you ended up with the 20 coins plus more profits, you can keep playing the slot or leave. We recommend you leave.