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Online Casinos Special Offers and Features

With so many casinos available online, finding the right one can take some time. We list some of the special features and offers you might like in a casino to help you choose.

Loose Slots

You want to play in a casino that has a reputation for being loose. While the payback percentage of slots are hidden, you can rely on a casino's reputation for the scoop on where the high-paying machines are. An important thing to know is that the same game can have a different payback rate from one casino to another. That's because slot software may permit owners (the casinos) to set their own payback percentage.

No Deposit Bonus

Some casinos online are so sure that you will like their games that they offer you free money to play with. That is, you can play with wagering money they give you even if you don't deposit to their casino first. Isn't that cool? The no deposit money isn't fantastic, of course-- $25 would be big - but it's free.

Welcome Bonus

Just about every casino now has this offer. A bonus is matched to your first deposit in a casino as a welcome gesture from them. The amount may range from a modest 10% to a grand 300%. Often if the welcome bonus is a high percentage, there is a limit to the deposit amount it applies to (e.g. up to $100 for a 300% bonus, so the most they'll give is $300). A high bonus amount can also mean strict wagering requirements before you can withdraw your money. You might also get bonus money if you pay via a casino's preferred payment method.

Loyalty Promos

Casinos reward loyal patrons by way of various loyalty promos. You may be familiar with "comps" in land-based casinos. Well, you can get them online too. As a frequent player, you can get periodic bonuses, invitations to contests, free gifts (like food, coffee or clothes) or cashback points. You earn points at a fixed rate - say 1 point for every $1,000 wagered - and can cash out those points when you've earned enough. You can also earn bonuses by referring other players to the casino.

Freerolls, Tournaments and Sweepstakes

We saved the best for last. Casinos sometimes sponsor free contests as a type of promotion. They may have a sister site that hosts the contests with links back to the main commercial site. In free slot games and tournaments, you play without betting your money, for the chance to win real cash. Prizes may be around $100 to $500. You just can't let an opportunity like that pass you by.

We hope you've learned some things from this article on special offers and features. Check out the links on our site for some of the best deals in online gambling.