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How to Find Safe Slot Sites Online

Slots online are everywhere. They aren't hard to find; it's picking the right casino site that takes work. We have outlined the most important criteria for choosing the best slot sites.

Criteria for a Safe Slot and Casino Site

- The safe slot site use software provided by a leading gambling software manufacturer. If you don't know, many casino sites often use the same software even if they are unrelated. That is why they all look alike. You want to make sure that the software used is licensed and tested for fairness, security and reliability.

- The slot machine software must be playable in a browser if you don't want to download. If you have Java or ActiveX disabled, the casino must provide basic alternatives, even if it's just 3-reel, 1-payline slots.

- A safe slot site must have an impressive dispute record. A dispute refers to a disagreement between player/customer and the casino. The issue may be related to money withdrawal, bonus money wagering terms, security, spam or any other matter. A casino should have few, if any, disputes.

- Customer support should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you send mail, they must reply within a day.

- The slot site must accept different payment methods to accommodate players.

- All transactions including registration, deposit and withdrawal must be 100% secure. You should see the padlock at the bottom status bar of your browser when you enter a secure page.

- Slot site must look and feel professional. The articles on-site must be accurate, up-to-date and reliable.

- The slot site must be duly licensed, lawful (in its point of origin) and have a good reputation.

- Beware of casino review sites that claim to be independent but which really are biased sites that promote a particular casino. It may be a sister-site or third party site paid to recommend that casino. Also, beware of game sites - like slot sites, blackjack sites, etc. - that have similar layout, name and design. If they advertise the same casinos, you can bet it is paid and its reviews can't be trusted. That doesn't necessarily mean those casinos are bad. But you should look for confirmation from more independent sources.

- The casino must have good bonuses, promos and special offers.

- If you find free offers and free games, you should check it out.

- The casino must have high payback percentages for the games you want to play (like slots). 98% and above is good.

- The casino must have many slot machines to choose from. If you find a tight slot, you have to be able to find a looser slot on the same site.

- Ask online for feedback on slot sites. Ask where the loose machines are. Just beware that these can change anytime.

These are basic guidelines for you when choosing a casino. If you don't want to go through the trouble of finding the right slot sites, just look around on this page. We have hand-picked the best casino sites we have found. All have been personally tested and verified for fair play and smooth transactions.